Shipping Policy

The delivery time & conditions of the products purchased on depends on the shipping method you selected.

We offer regular 'economic' shipping method and 'Express' shipping.
Both shipping methods are trackable (you can follow your product shipping progress online) and offer a full warranty : you will be fully refunded if product is lost or damaged during transportation.

Regular (Standard) shipping method delivery time can vary a lot. From less than a week up to 6 weeks to remote location in developping countries.

Express shipping method generally takes between 2 to 5 days to be delivered.

Some countries might apply customs fee or taxes although generally for private orders, it is free of charges.

We ship within 24 hours of any work day. Please note our shipping platform is based in China, so we follow Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year.

You will be informed by email of the shipment of your order, with a tracking number and instructions to keep track of your order.

If you have any questions regarding a delivery, you can always email us here.